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5 Reasons to Choose a Drinking Water Filtration System Over Bottled Water

When you’re thirsty, nothing is better than a glass of pure water. For many North Carolina residents, their home’s tap water just doesn’t fit the bill. Tap water often contains impurities that cause unpleasant tastes and odors. Even though federal and state laws require municipal water to be safe to consume, there aren’t any standards for taste and smell. If your tap water looks cloudy, tastes funny, or smells bad, chances are you reach for bottled water when it’s time for a drink. Unfortunately, bottled water can be expensive, and all those plastic bottles are not great for the environment.  Drinking water filtration systems offer many benefits that make them a better choice than bottled water.

1. Filtered Water Tastes Better

If you ask most people, they’ll agree that bottled water tastes better than tap water. This may be especially true in areas where municipal water picks up impurities from local industrial sites or the environment. Well water often has a strong, unpleasant taste too. But the better taste of bottled water is often based more on perception than reality. Bottled water companies spend a lot of money marketing their products as pure, tastier alternatives to tap water. In many cases, however, those claims are just advertising jargon. In fact, many brands simply bottle tap water without taking any additional steps to filter or purify it. There are only a few companies that use natural spring water; most bottled water is just tap water with a fancy label (and a hefty price tag). Even if your bottled water is just tap water from another location, you might still prefer the taste over your home’s water. But there’s an easy way to improve the taste of your home’s tap water: get a filter! Drinking water filtration systems can remove minerals, impurities, and other contaminants to improve the smell and taste of tap water. You can get that pure taste of bottled water right from your kitchen faucet. All you need is a filter.

2. Filtration Systems are More Cost-Efficient

If bottled water and filtered tap water taste the same, why choose to get a filter when you can just keep buying cases of water or having large water cooler bottles delivered? One of the biggest reasons is cost. Bottled water in any form is expensive. A water delivery service may be less expensive than paying for individual bottles of water, but it still costs more than tap water. Installing a drinking water system can save you a lot of money. Plus, you can avoid the hassle of lugging cases of water home from the store or changing out the heavy bottles on your water cooler. 

3. You Can Use Filtered Water for More Than Just Drinking

Bottled water is mostly used for drinking, but you consume water in lots of other ways every day. You might not think about using bottled water to make coffee, wash produce, and cook, but the taste and quality of water affect how your beverages and meals taste. You could use bottled water for your kitchen tasks, but that’s expensive and inconvenient. A water filtration system purifies your tap water, so you can enjoy all the benefits of better-tasting food and drinks without the cost and hassle of using bottled water.

4. Home Water Filtration Systems are Eco-Friendly

One of the other issues with bottled water is how much plastic is used. Most water bottles are recyclable, but recycling programs aren’t available everywhere. Plus, there is an environmental cost to the recycling process as well as the bottling process. A drinking water filtration system is an eco-friendly choice. You don’t have to worry about recycling plastic bottles or about the extra gas used to transport bottled water to your home. You can just enjoy tasty water straight from your faucet.

5. You’ll Know Exactly What’s in Your Water

The Food and Drug Administration regulates bottled water to ensure it’s safe to drink. The FDA requires producers to bottle water under sanitary conditions and to sample and test the source water for contaminants. However, bottled water companies aren’t required to release the results of those tests. As such, you can trust bottled water to be safe, but you can’t know exactly what chemicals, minerals, and microorganisms it contains. It’s the same with your regular tap water. State and federal laws require municipal water providers to ensure their water is safe, but it can be hard to find out the precise chemical makeup of your tap water. A water filtration system can put your mind at ease. These systems are designed to remove many types of contaminants: minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and microorganisms. When you have a filter, you can know exactly which impurities won’t be in your tap water.

Enjoy Clean, Pure Water at Home

Buying bottled water is expensive and inconvenient, and it’s not an environmentally friendly option. With a drinking water filtration system in your home, you can feel confident that every glass of water from your tap is safe from contaminants. You can enjoy the pure taste of filtered water without having to buy cases of water or subscribe to a bottled water delivery service.   At Dr. Johns, we are passionate about giving North Carolina residents affordable, reliable access to clean water. For years, we’ve helped clients throughout the Piedmont Triad upgrade their homes with high-quality water filters and softeners. We offer a wide range of water filtration systems, including models designed to purify well water.  

If you aren’t sure which filter size or style is right for your home, contact us to schedule a free water analysis. Our experts will test your home’s water and recommend the best filtration system for your needs. Call our office at 336-852-2525, contact us online to schedule your appointment, or fill out the form below to request a free water analysis.

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