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Bottleless Water Coolers

When it comes to making sure you have the cleanest, freshest drinking water in your home or business, nothing quite beats the convenience of bottleless water dispensers. There are several options to choose from, but all models (countertop or standing) eliminate the need for heavy and awkward 5-gallon bottles of water. These bottleless water coolers are great for young families or those with mobility issues, along with being more cost-efficient than other water dispensers.

With a water dispenser from Dr. Johns H2O, you don’t have to worry if the tap water in your home or office (or even filtered water from your refrigerator) is safe or clean enough to drink. Bottleless water coolers also do away with disposable water bottles, which aren’t very eco-friendly and can take a chunk out of your budget. They are compact enough for even the smallest spaces, whether they’re being used for commercial or residential purposes.

Dr. Johns H2O has partnered with the industry-leading water purification professionals at Vertex to provide you with the highest quality bottleless water cooler solutions. These water coolers use an existing source of water -- like your home or business’s tap -- and filters it on-demand. You’ll never run out of fresh water for your family or employees.  Making tea, coffee and other hot drinks has never been easier with on-demand hot water.

Vertex offers several different models of bottleless water coolers with a variety of features and filter options depending on your needs. The most popular are the PWC-500 and the PWC-1000. Standard on both models is a two-temperature system that dispenses cold water from 37-50 degrees and hot water at a perfect 180 degrees. There is also a lock on the hot water faucet to ensure that your small children stay safe.

Other features include:

  • A completely sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank to keep contaminants out
  • A convenient, enclosed, no-drip dispensing faucet to keep messes at bay
  • A built-in dual-cartridge filtration system is easily accessed for replacement, and is available with a standard or a reverse osmosis filtration system.

Vertex PWC 500 Bottleless water cooler


This bottleless water cooler is great for small offices and break rooms. You can order an optional filter pack or provide your own source of filtered water.


  • 2 Temp: COLD: 37-50 degree F, Adjustable. HOT: 180 degree F, Autocontrol.
  • LED indicator for hot and cold water on front panel.
  • Individual on/off switches for hot or cold function on rear panel.
  • Completely sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank.
  • Convenient, enclosed, no-drip dispensing faucets.
  • Type 304 stainless steel hot and cold water tanks.
  • High efficiency sealed compressor cooling system with adjustable cold water thermostat, 37-50 degrees F.
  • Safety lock for hot water faucet.


This is an economic hot and cold water cooler with filtration that makes great tasting water from your tap. Bottleless water coolers eliminate the hassle of 5-gallon bottles. Great for offices and factories!


  • Two-temperature system. COLD: 37-50 degrees F, Adjustable. HOT: 180 degrees F, Autocontrol.
  • Individual on/off control switches for cold or hot water on rear panel.
  • Completely sealed stainless steel cold reservoir and hot tank.
  • Convenient, enclosed, no-drip dispensing faucets.
  • Safety lock for hot water faucet.
  • Built-in filtration system is easily accessed for replacement. Available with Reverse Osmosis filtration system or Standard.
  • Dual-cartridge filtration system.
  • Available with ultraviolet or ozone sterilizer.
  • Models with refrigeration compartment.

When you’re ready to learn more about bottleless water coolers, call Dr. Johns H2O at 336-852-2525 and speak with one of our water purification experts or fill out this form to find out how you can soon enjoy the convenience and fresher-tasting water!