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About Us

Dr. Johns H2O Home Water Systems was founded to meet a growing need for cleaner, mineral-free water. We offer the exclusive line of Kinetico water systems. These versatile units are rigorously tested by independent labs and found to eliminate contaminates better than any water system out there. The special 5-step process offers a pure, clean taste and utmost assurance.

Dr. Johns H2O is a full-service dealer for Kinetico Incorporated. Kinetico Inc. is the only company that offers non-electric water softening Twin Tank Systems, giving an unlimited amount of conditioned water 24/7 and only regenerates when water is used, and customization of different resin to accommodate any household water problem. Save money, conserve water, and live comfortably knowing that you have the best products offered on the market.

Founded in 1970, Kinetico is the leading manufacturer of water treatment systems and can be found in over 100 countries. Kinetico offers the most unique, highly engineered product on the market today—standing behind their product with the longest transferable warranty up to ten years!

For a complete water treatment system in Charlotte or Greensboro ... or a well-water softener in Greensboro or Charlotte, please Contact Dr. Johns TODAY!