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Commercial Water Filtration Services

Clean, clear water is something that people may assume is readily available around us.  However, according to the Water Quality Association, water quality is not getting any better due to the pollution which increases the threats to the drinking water. Also, in more than a third of the United States, mineral deposits produce hard water which can turn laundry gray, create soap residue, and leave soap scum on bathroom tile. City water purification does not seem to completely solve the problem since chlorinating only kills bacteria.

If you operate a local business, manufacturing facility, apartment building, restaurant, or café, then you need to be concerned about your water quality. You may think you have the best water quality in the world, but if you don’t take the necessary measures, your water may not be safe to drink or to use. It’s critical to use water softeners and purifiers, especially in commercial buildings whether your customers are drinking crystal clear ice water, swimming in a pristine pool, using soft, fresh linens, or appreciating a more comfortable hospital stay. And when something is important to your customers, we know it’s important to you. That’s why every Kinetico commercial water solution system we install is custom-designed by our commercial water experts to fit your unique needs.

Why Kinetico?

Kinetico water filters, provide you with the most advanced and effective reverse osmosis and water softener systems which use the latest innovative technology in the industry to remove contaminants and hardness, improving overall water quality while protecting your investment in expensive water-using equipment. Suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, our equipment is exceptionally durable, highly efficient, and brilliantly designed.

Dr. Johns H2O's Partnership with Kinetico

Kinetico is the industry leader and has been treating water for decades. Plus, with over 40 years experience the experts at Dr. Johns H2O are here to answer your water softening, purification, and filtering needs for your business. No matter what your water requirements are, you can be completely confident they will be consistently met. By partnering to develop a solution tailored to your exact expectations, we will help you meet environmental regulations, satisfy demand, and exceed performance expectations. Investing in a Kinetico commercial water system for your business provides you with the best water quality with extraordinary service.

For the most challenging or unconventional water problems, our team can partner with yours to develop a tailored solution. With more than 40 years of water treatment innovation, we are confident we have what it takes to provide the solution you need.

Call us today at 336-852-2525 for more information on how you can improve the water quality of your business or fill out the form below to schedule a free water analysis.