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Water Contamination Issues Arise Again in Greensboro

Once again, there have been some concerns about chemicals in Greensboro’s water supply that may cause health issues. Back in Marcy, there were concerns about chemicals in the water near PTI Airport.  Now, there's another report that the water near the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant is affected.  The City of Greensboro says that the results showed the levels were higher than the EPA health advisory level. However, no water regulatory limits were violated, but the city did take precautions to resolve the issue. The water supply is continuously and rigorously tested on a daily basis for lead, chloride, and nitrate. There have been no water quality violations in Greensboro’s records, which date back to 2012. We've included links to the news stories on the water issues below.

While the water is within the federal government’s safety guidelines, there may still be traces of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or other bacteria and contaminants. When issues of potential contamination arise, we realize that we cannot always take our drinking water quality for granted. The good news is that there are extra steps you can take to protect your home’s water all of the time, not only during times of concern.

If you don't ever want to worry about chemicals in your drinking water, we suggest investing in a residential water filtration system. Kinetico systems offer an exclusive 5-step filtration system and the only non-electric (energy-saving) reverse osmosis water filtration system design on the market. It is third-party certified, and there are both residential and commercial systems designed to fit multiple budgets and levels of need.

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