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"Before having our first baby recently, we decided to have a Dr. Johns H2O representative come out and test our water. Based on the results, they offered us several options to solve our specific water issues. We had them back out within the week to get everything installed. It's been SO nice not having to worry with bottled water anymore, or worry about what's in the water our daughter is drinking daily. Overall a GREAT experience!"  - Daley Johnson

"Johns H2O rocks. They were on time and worked very hard to get me taken care of. They looked at different ways to run the water line so that I was able to have clean water for my home and family. Thank you for all your hard work!" - Christy Cortes

"Whole-house filter to stop hardness in our house, and also water purification that has saved me so much money by not buying bottled water" - Anne Christian Johns